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Judicial Tyranny

5 Ways We Are Foolishly Trading Our Freedom For “Safety”

Return of Kings – Ben Franklin said it best.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

But socially engineered Americans have no idea the

The Root Cause Of Our Problems With Government Is Tight Centralization

Retueb of Kings – Have you ever wondered why leftists can push their agendas in government even when they’re flagrantly against the will of the majority? How do they get away with this? In a

Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore Over ‘Gay Marriage’ Memo

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A special panel of the Alabama Supreme Court comprised of randomly-selected retired judges has unanimously affirmed the term-long suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was found guilty of ethics violations by

Rogue Federal Judge halts Arkansas plan to execute 8 inmates

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A federal judge dealt a serious blow Saturday to Arkansas’ plan to execute eight inmates in an 11-day period, saying the men have the right to challenge a drug protocol

Tulsa Teen Comes Home From School With Contraceptive Implant

Tulsa Teen Comes Home From School With Contraceptive Implant

In a shocking case coming out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a mother who consented to what she was told was a “field trip” discovered that her 16-year-old daughter had been taken — by representatives of a

Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War II”

Identity Dixie – On the flipside of a book cover featuring an image vaguely reminiscent of a paramilitary Lynyrd Skynyrd is a blurb with the following words:

Civil War II isn’t just a nightmare anymore…

US judge in Hawaii halts Trump’s travel ban

Hours before it was to take effect, President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban was put on hold Wednesday by a federal judge in Hawaii after hearing arguments that the executive order discriminates on the basis

Judge: New Orleans can remove 4th Confederate-era monument

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge has cleared the way for New Orleans officials to remove a fourth Confederate-era monument.

The Liberty Monument, honoring whites who rebelled against a Reconstruction government, is among four the

Federal court rules New Orleans Confederate monuments can come down 

New Orleans officials can begin the process of removing the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle and three other monuments at the center of a long-running, city-led effort, a federal appeals

Mississippi Confederate Flag Fight Moves to FEDERAL Courts

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A long-running feud over the Confederate battle emblem on the Mississippi flag is moving onto a new legal battlefield.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans is scheduled

Defining and Combating the Shadow Government | ACLJ

It is unmistakably clear that our federal government’s national security apparatus faces opposition from an ever-expanding and ever-ramifying network of individuals and groups that are prepared to subvert the Constitution, the rule of law and

Federal Appeals Court Decides To Uphold Ban Of “Military Style” Rifles

Daniel Lang – In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Maryland state legislature voted in 2013 to ban certain firearms with military features, as well as the sale magazines that held …

Bush Judge Rules Texas ‘Without Cause’ to Cut Planned Parenthood From Medicaid

AUSTIN, Texas —
A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President George H.W. Bush has issued a final ruling declaring that the state of Texas may not cut the abortion and contraception giant Planned

SPLC’s case against conservative Alabama judge just backfired

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) may come to regret the battle they started with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker.

A failed complaint against Justice Parker with the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) led the

There’s a Tyrant Afoot-But It’s Not Trump

There is a tyrant loose in America, but it’s not, as liberals would have you believe, Donald Trump. It’s the federal judiciary, which has zero authority – as in zip, nada, zilch – over immigration

Alabama Public Schools Are Again a National Embarrassment

Diversity is not our strength. It is not even tenable. Huntsville, AL has been placed under a Nazilike regime of forced desegregation that is now reaching an apex of ridiculous incompetence and iniquity. As with

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