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The Corporatocracy, by Robert Gore


The interests of Washington and large corporations have merged so completely they are now inseparable.

America’s large corporations and its government have merged. Or was it an acquisition? If the latter, who acquired whom? Unfortunately, …

Building Community: Part II

I had planned on this being Part I but felt Brandon’s Smith’s article set the framework. This video is one year old. I will present a timeline of what was done over the course of …

The Bugout Bag Checklist

I made a spreadsheet in order of the items in the video with two columns: one for me and one for my wife.

David DeGerolamo

water filter with duct tape

The Appalachian Messenger – April 28, 2017

july31headerThis week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
The Swarm

David DeGerolamo
Which Freedom Do You Want?

Francis W. Porretto

T. L. Davis
Who Will Make The Call?

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FireArm Fri2: Revisiting Post-Katrina Gun Confiscations


The Captain’s Journal » Via, where a robust discussion is occurring over post-Katrina gun confiscations in the comments, comes this bit of history.

THEY didn’t stop serving when hurricane Katrina trashed

FireArm Friday: Gun-grabbers spend big

Bloomberg Threatens To Spend $25 Million To Stop National CCW Reciprocity

American Handgunner | Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is threatening to spend $25 million — chump change to the former New York mayor — to

Building Community: Part 1

I suppose I wanted to believe that there was a chance of pulling the United States back together under a Trump administration. That spark never had a chance as both parties put personal power over …

I don’t even know where to begin …

The paragraphs below are from an article that was allegedly  published by the Huffington Post and then withdrawn.

I read discussion about the essay on ZeroHedge and followed the link to an archived copy from …

Why Taxation is Slavery: Words From Frederick Douglass


Most people learned “No Taxation without Representation” while in grade school. At least I learned it in grade school. That was prior to the politically correct indoctrination imposed upon our children by the state. What …

New Orleans: A People Without A Past Have No Future

Early this morning the local television station WRAL, Raleigh, NC, broadcast news that the first of “four Confederate monuments in New Orleans…honoring white supremacy” will come down today.

The fate of these monuments has been …

My Viewpoint on Slavery

Image result for anthony johnson slave

Concerning a post in which the author supported Sherman’s March to the Sea and wondered if I supported slavery:

Slavery is evil. It does not matter if it is outright ownership of another human or …

Armed Drones: pResident Obama’s Favorite Weapon

Armed Drones: President Obama's Weapon of Choice [INFOGRAPHIC]

Read more at the NC Renegade...

Cataclysm, by Robert Gore

Collapse generally comes as a surprise, even to those who predict it.

The USSR didn’t just fail one day, as does a person who dies of a sudden heart attack or stroke. It was more …

The Rationing Society

Only very rarely will you ever encounter such a lucid and probative essay on the nature of societal and political fundamentals as is delivered in this essay from over at Sultan Knish.  If you

FireArm Fri: Washington Post Gives Gun Control Group and U.S. Senator Three Pinocchios on Suppressors

[Recently], we wrote about Americans for Responsible Solutions’ irresponsible misinformation about The Hearing Protection Act on Twitter.  Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who took notice of ARS’s complete disregard for the facts on firearm …

FireArm Friday: Nashville Customer Takes Out THREE Armed Robbers Single-Handedly


An unnamed person inside a Nashville (TN) sneaker shop went John Wick on three armed robbers last after they made the mistake of charging into the store with guns blazing.

A man died after

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