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Southern History

Southern History

Charles de Gaulle

History does not teach fatalism. There are moments when the will of a handful of free men breaks through determinism and opens up new roads.”

Let the Bear Flag Go

A large portion of California wants to secede. That’s a good thing. American conservatives should not only applaud the move, they should be doing everything possible to help them find the door. Image a world……

The Man in Black

26 February 1932  

On this date in 1932...

Legendary singer-songwriter John R. "Johnny" Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas.  Also known as the "The Man In Black", Cash is the only artist to have been

The Culture War and Secession

by Al Benson Jr.

That this country is divided and engaged in a cultural war is a fact that cannot be disputed. On the one side you have the Leftists, Satanists, most Democrats, RINO’s and …

Podcast Episode 60

The Week in Review at the Abbeville Institute, Feb 20-24, 2017 Topics: American War for Independence, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Secession, Nullification

Read more at the Abbeville Institute...

The Occupation of Nashville

25 February 1862 

On this date in 1862...

Federal troops under federal General Ullyses S. Grant occupied Nashville, Tennessee. 

Other Years:

  • 1793 - The department heads of the U.S. government met with U.S. President Washington for

The Natchez War

24 February 1730 

On this date in 1730...

With both sides running low of ammunition, the French and Natchez Indians agreed on a peace settlement in which the Natchez released all of their prisoners and

Southern Nullification and the Stamp Act

Every so often, a candid examination of current events makes famous incidents in American history altogether relevant again. In my mind no incident demonstrates this more than the Stamp Act Crisis of 1765. Few episodes……

The Deep State/Left Lets the Truth Slip Out Again


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Buena Vista

23 February 1847 

On this date in 1847...

Jefferson Davis became a national hero at the head of his Mississippi troops in the Mexican War Battle of Buena Vista.

Other Years:

  • 1836 - A

The American President: From Cincinnatus to Caesar

The great body of the nation has no real interest in party. — James Fenimore Cooper, The American Democrat, 1838 The American presidency offers many fascinating questions for historical exploration. And by historical exploration I……

Southern Independence Day

22 February 1861  

On this date in 1862...

The second and permanent Confederate Congress officially adopted this date for formation of the CSA to honor the 130th anniversary of George Washington’s birthday. (Washington is

Washington vs. Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington stare silently at one another across the reflecting pool on the National Mall in Washington D.C., their paths inextricably linked by the historians who consider both to be the greatest……

Quanah Parker

21 February 1911  

On this date in 1911...The “last Comanche Chief” and founder of the Native American Church, Quanah Parker, died at age sixty-four and was buried at Post Oak Mission Cemetery

Explaining Trump to the Brits

Of the four Christmas cards I received from the UK this past December, three of them had the same request:  explain the Trump phenomenon. This is my reply: America has had a bloodless revolution.  It……

The Trail of Tears

20 February 1832  

On this date in 1832...

After suffering floods, cold weather, and mud, Choctaw Chief, Peter Pitchlynn, and his surviving followers, arrived in Fort Smith, Arkansas on the Trail of Tears

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