What Are Southern Rights?

Thirteen Stars to Guide Our Way, or, What Are Southern Rights?

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All persons are granted certain inalienable rights by our Creator. History has proven that when a people forfeit by neglect or by force the maintenance of these God-given rights, naturally the powers of human government, local, state, national, and international conspire to forever subvert these rights.…

Maximum winning proposal for Trump Administration

The following is a proposal for the Donald Trump Administration to ensure that President Trump is successful in implementing his America First agenda.


The Immigration Act of 1965 fundamentally rigged the system against the founding European-American population who made up nearly 90% of the US population in 1960.…

Anti-Trump riots spread to Richmond, VA

Protesters shouting anti-Trump and anti-White slogans shut down traffic on I-95 in both directions and vandalized three Confederate monuments while protesting Donald Trump’s election. Ten Leftists were arrested, one with an illegal weapon, as police worked to clear the interstate and downtown Richmond, VA.…