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The Civil War’s Last Death

PORTLAND, Maine — A Confederate rifle ball ripped through Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain’s pelvis at the Siege of Petersburg, Virginia in June 1864. It ruptured his bladder and severed his urethra. The bullet mangled his

Bill filed to Ban Confederate Flag

The confederate flag could soon be banned from all public buildings in South Carolina.

York representative John King filed a bill this week that would prohibit the flag from being flown or displayed anywhere besides …

Trump Has Media Crying…All The Way To The Bank

Donald Trump’s tweet about the media’s being “the enemy of the American people” was a classic distraction — in this case, from questions swirling around his team’s troubling ties with our Russian adversaries. While the …

News From Around The South 2/13 to 2/20

SOUTH CAROLINA: Secessionist Party Flies Confederate Flags in Downtown Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. –The South Carolina Secessionist Party and the Carolina Flaggers are flying Confederate Flags across downtown Charleston.

The groups are protesting the College …

The war on coal is over with Pruitt in at EPA, sets stage for 2018 Sen. elections

Natalia Castro: Scott Pruitt is on the road to a successful nomination. Thursday the Senate pushed Pruitt one step closer to his position as Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, putting Pruitt in the right

Lindsey Graham Punked


U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham has been punked by a pair of Russian hackers – who tricked him into revealing his plans …

Women as Civil War Spies

Women of all backgrounds and political leanings engaged in espionage during the Civil War, but elite white women in the Union-occupied South found it especially appealing to utilize their ample opportunities to gather information from …

Is Left Playing With Fire Again?

To those who lived through that era that tore us apart in the ’60s and ’70s, it is starting to look like “deja vu all over again.”

And as Adlai Stevenson, Bobby Kennedy and Hubert …

Pythons in abandoned missile base in Florida Keys

Feb. 14 (UPI) —
A pair of long-vacant military buildings at a Florida Keys missile base were found by researchers to be hosting four Burmese pythons, including a 16-foot female.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife


After experiencing disruptive Black Lives Matter protests last year, the state of Tennessee has decided to change its laws to give motorists the whip hand when confronted by deranged protesters interfering with public highways.

News From Around the South 2/6 to 2/13

GEORGIA: Cyclorama Moved to Custom-Built Home

ATLANTA: Ever since George Jones and his museum acquired one of the world’s largest paintings, they have been puzzling over a basic ­logistical problem.

The Battle of Atlanta, …

Confederate Memorial Battle flag now ‘more visible’ to I-95 drivers –
Confederate Memorial Battle flag now 'more visible' to I-95 drivers CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Nearly four years after the Virginia Flaggers sparked controversy by raising a Memorial Battle Flag over Interstate 95 in

Alabama Governor Appoints Luther Strange Replace Sessions | The Daily Calle

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley tapped his state’s U.S. Attorney Luther Strange to fill the vacant seat left open by former Sen. Jeff Sessions, now Attorney General of the Department of Justice. Strange, a 63-year old

Mississippi considers firing squad as method of execution

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi lawmakers are advancing a proposal to add firing squad, electrocution and gas chamber as execution methods in case a court blocks the use of lethal injection drugs.

Republican Rep. Andy

A Virginia city votes to remove a Confederate statue, but doing so may prove difficult – Washington Post

Breitbart News
A Virginia city votes to remove a Confederate statue, but doing so may prove difficult Washington Post On a cool night in Charlottesville this week, dozens of people armed with protest signs and

California Goes Confederate???

California Goes Confederate Townhall Californians also now talk about the value of the old Confederate idea of "states' rights." They whine that their state gives far too much revenue to Washington and gets too

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