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Texas Nationalist Movement

Texas Nationalist Movement

Federal Court Denies Texas Right to Self-Governance: 2011 Voter ID is Struck Down… AGAIN!

Here we go again! Once more we learn that there is nothing that Texas can possess that the federal government cannot take away! In spite of the fact that the Supreme Court has upheld the …

Healthcare Costs in Texas are on the Rise

Federal management of the healthcare insurance industry is driving up healthcare costs and threatening to take Texas down the same financial drain that Washington D.C. is currently circling. A recent report by the Texas Comptroller …

Does Mexico Want Nullify the Treaty that Officially Recognized Texas?

At the Texian Partisan, we like to highlight threats posed by the federal government of the United States to Texas’ liberty and sovereignty. This is not a very difficult task, considering that so much …

The Latest TNM Legislative Endorsement for 2017: SB 2097, New Legal Tender for Texas

In their mission to promote Texas Independence, the Texas Nationalist movement has made yet another endorsement of a bill currently being considered from this year’s Texas legislative session. This time, its Senate Bill 2097.…

TNM Backs Gold & Silver Money Bill

The latest in a series of legislative endorsements of the 2017 Texas legislative session, the Texas Nationalist Movement is pleased to give its support to Senate Bill 2097.

Introduced by Texas Senator Bob Hall, SB …

Brexiteers Now Hard at Work in California

Calexit may have just gotten a big boost by those who brought Brexit into reality. Now that Brexit is a certainty, former United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage and cohort Arron Banks have turned …

The Convention of States: Salvation for the Constitution or Last Nail in its Coffin?

There’s been a lot of talk about holding a Convention of States, lately. Mostly, you hear discussion of a COS from conservatives like our Governor, Gregg Abbott, appealing to the Article V process of …

Texas Nationalist Movement Makes Statement on EU Chief’s Texit Comments

This Thursday, 3/30/17, the President of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, threw journalists and pundits for a loop by publicly toying with the idea of supporting Texas leaving the union. In his statement, he …

Liberty City, Liberty Nation: How Texas Towns Resisting Annexation are Emblematic of Texit

An increasing number of towns in Texas are resisting urban encroachment by establishing municipal jurisdictions that prevent annexation by land-hungry neighbors. Such towns are being called liberty cities because they are maximizing the freedom of …

TNM Responds To EU President’s Texit Support

This Thursday, the media was caught off-guard by an unexpected statement from President of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker expressing support for Texas leaving the union.

“The newly elected U.S. President was happy that the

New TNM Legislative Endorsements for 2017: The Texas Sovereignty Act and HB 375

TNM is making a few other endorsements of bills currently being considered from this year’s Texas legislative session.

First up is HB 375, a bill filed by State Representative Jonathan Stickland. Much like HB

Texas Sovereignty Act Receives TNM Endorsement

In another legislative endorsement, the Texas Nationalist Movement has given its support to House Bill 2338, the Texas Sovereignty Act.

The Texas Sovereignty Act creates a Texas-centered mechanism to review federal laws and end state …

TNM Endorses Second Gun Rights Bill of the Session

The Texas Nationalist Movement has released another legislative endorsement and it’s another gun bill – House Bill 375.

House Bill 375, filed by State Representative Jonathan Stickland, would bring true constitutional carry to Texas, meaning

TNM Legislative Endorsements for 2017: HB 206 and HB 1911

The Texas Nationalist Movement has made a few legislative endorsements for the current session, throwing their weight behind a few bills that are in line with goals and spirit of the organization.

The first one …

TNM Supports Respect For Texas Guard Veterans Through Endorsement

The Texas Nationalist Movement has released its second legislative endorsement of this session and it’s one that hits at the very heart of our mission.

Currently members of the Texas military forces who serve in …

Texas Independence Is Getting Local

It’s no secret that the TNM has been working on rebooting local groups. After all, it is one of the most heard requests from our supporters. Today, we are one step closer to making it …

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