Supporters of the Confederate flag took to the streets Jan. 29 during the grand opening celebration of the York County Courthouse, saying removing Confederate items from the courtroom is an attack on Southern heritage.

Republican congressional candidate Sheri Few is expected to be one of the speakers Saturday at a rally outside the York County Courthouse.

Rally organizers say the event is being held to show county officials they believe removing the Confederate flag and other Confederate items from the courthouse’s main courtroom is illegal. The rally, 2-4 p.m., will have speakers and is sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter based in Clover, said Kirk Carter, commander of the Clover group.

County officials reopened the renovated courthouse in late January amid protests from those who support, and oppose, the flag. Earlier this month, the main courtroom opened without returning a version of the Confederate flag, pictures of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, and other historic flags.

York County officials have asked the S.C. Attorney General’s Office for ruling on whether keeping the flag out of the courtroom, and instead putting it in a historic place such as a museum, would violate the South Carolina Heritage Act. The official opinion has not been issued, county officials said.

Some groups say the Heritage Act means the courthouse is a state historic monument and cannot be changed. Under that standard, removing the Confederate flag and other items would require legislative approval. Carter said removal of the items is illegal, and he will speak about the issue Saturday….

Source: Confederate flag supporters to rally Saturday at York County Courthouse