People love to pretend.

We love to pretend that we can be good without God.


Because pretending to have the ability to be good apart from God helps us to pretend that we can rightly understand and pursue things like law, art, politics, economics, and education apart from God.

Which all helps us to pretend that we are God in practice.

It’s from this presumed God-like position that we conjure up things like neutrality – the notion that one can assess the most basic elements of reality from a purely neutral position.

It’s from this imagined place of neutrality that we then pretend to judge things – all things – by a process of evaluation based on…well…something other than neutrality.

We use standards. We appeal to foundations. Specific foundations and specific standards. Foundations and standards that are defined and distinct.

Which is another way of saying non-neutral foundations and standards.

These are our presuppositions.

We all …