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Starting Early as an anti-Southern bigot

UNC Student starts petition to ban Confederate flag in Orange County Schools

UNC first-year Mariah Warner has started a petition urging the Orange County Schools Board of Education to ban the confederate flag in schools.

Feds spent $13.5 million on vehicles it doesn’t know it needs

The federal government spent $13.5 million on cars and SUVs it has no idea whether it needs, according to a new audit from the Government Accountability Office.

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Southern Nationalist Radio: Episode 37 – Trump’s Cucking & Shutting down Antifa

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent, have a wide ranging discussion. The begin with the complete 180’s committed by Trump over the last several weeks. Trump has engaged in hard cucking over his…

Federal workers paid nearly 20 percent more than private sector workers for similar work

As Trump works to reduce federal taxes, a new report from the Congressional Budget Office may provide one small way to make up the lost revenue.

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Maryland, My Maryland

28 April 1788  

On this date in 1788...

Maryland ratified the U.S. Constitution and became the 7th U.S. state.

Other Years:

  • 1635 - Virginia colony Governor John Harvey was accused of treason and removed

The Rise of the Generals

The Rise of the Generals

By Patrick J. Buchanan Has President Donald Trump outsourced foreign policy to the generals? So it would seem. Candidate Trump held out his hand to Vladimir Putin.

The post The Rise of the Generals appeared …

The Nabob as Antifederalist: Benjamin Harrison of Virginia

Benjamin Harrison the Signer was born at Berkely (later called Harrison’s Landing) in Charles City County, Virginia. He was the son of Benjamin Harrison and Anne Carter Harrison, daughter of Robert ‘King’ Carter of Corotoman.……

See you in Appomattox!




The third annual Great Education Forum is this weekend at the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy in Appomattox, Virginia, where I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to make the event’s first presentation. …

Building Community: Part 1

I suppose I wanted to believe that there was a chance of pulling the United States back together under a Trump administration. That spark never had a chance as both parties put personal power over …

The Dying Dinosaur Of Centralized Education

Dinosaur media empires are dying.

Dinosaur business empires are dying.

Dinosaur political empires are dying.

But perhaps the most exciting (and important) news on the dino front is that dinosaur models of education are dying,

American Schools Liberated As President Trump Pulls Feds Out Of Direct Involvement

Trump getting government out of education

President Trump Signs A New Executive Order Affecting Education In The United States (Pictured Above)

Education is something that everyone in the world can agree is important. It’s literally talking about teaching the future generations

Left Has Dominated Academia for Too Long

History shows with painful clarity that whenever human beings get too much power, that power ends up corrupting the very values that prompted people to seek it in the first place.

Why? Because human beings …

Signed by the Governor: Colorado Law Expands Healthcare Freedom

DENVER, Colo. (April 27, 2017) – On Monday, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill into law that will help facilitate healthcare freedom in the state.

A bipartisan coalition of two representatives and two …

Missouri Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (Apr. 27, 2017) – Yesterday, a second Missouri House committee passed a bill to legalize medical marijuana for qualifying patients in the state, setting the foundation to nullify federal prohibition in …

Signed by the Governor: West Virginia Legalizes Commercial Hemp Farming Despite Federal Prohibition

CHARLESTON, W. Va. (April 27, 2017) – On Tuesday, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill into law significantly expanding the state’s hemp licensing program, opening the door for anybody in the state …

Flagcucks & Their Commercialized Symbolism

Flagcucks, also known as Cuckfederates. I think we’ve settled on those words to describe the typical neutered southern denizen of Confederate themed social media groups. These are people who spend their spare time sharing memetic…
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