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Alternative Right

Live Thread: #MarchOnWashington

A few things:

1.) First, I haven’t even arrived in Washington, DC, but it seems some shitlib has already set himself on fire outside the Trump International Hotel.

2.) Second, I will be live tweeting …

DC Anti-Fascist Coalition Plots To Disrupt Alt-Lite #Deploraball

I was never going to #Deploraball.

As I have already said, it is Cernovich and MILO’s fag prom. Now we learn from James O’Keefe that #Deploraball is going to be pozzed conservatism squaring off against …

God Emperor Donald Trump DESTROYS John Lewis

Are you tired of winning?

No, we’re not tired of winning. We want to see more of this. That’s enough for me to come to the Inauguration. This is the Donald Trump we voted for …

Breitbart Splinter To Launch ‘Populist-Nationalist’ Group

I have mixed feelings about Breitbart:

“He said he envisions the project as an “advocacy organization that is going to advocate for Trump administration policies that generally fall under a populist-nationalist window.” (He doesn’t

No, The Democrats Aren’t Giving Up Identity Politics

If you seriously believed that the Democrats were going to change their ways and give up identity politics after narrowly losing one presidential election, you might be a conservative like Erick Erickson:

“Since Election

Coming Soon: will be ready to roll on Monday:

“Spencer’s new headquarters reflects his increasing effort to mainstream the alt-right as its preferred candidate prepares to enter the White House, and to cement himself as

Marine Le Pen Arrives Unannounced In New York

Marine Le Pen has arrived unannounced in New York:

“French National Front leader Marine Le Pen is in New York on an unannounced visit less than four months before France’s presidential election, according to

Counter-Currents: A Northern Alliance

Over at Counter-Currents, Robert Finstock takes a first stab at an Alt-Right foreign policy vision on Russia:

“Since it burst onto the scene, most of the Alternative Right’s energies have rightfully focused on metapolitics,, #GoldenShowers, and Fake News

A few things here which are related …

1.) First, I’m adding to the blogroll.

It is an excellent site that has everything: the latest news on Russia, cool memes, Fash the Nation

Russian Embassy Trolls The Lügenpresse With Pepe

Wow. Just wow.

I can’t even … this is 2017!

Response To Vox Day (Part 2)

This is puzzling:

“And after reading the various comments on Hunter Wallace’s site, I won’t bother responding to him either. I don’t engage in discourse with people who accuse me of lying. What is

Response To Vox Day

Vox Day has written a response to my previous article on The Alt-Lite and Conservatism:

“This is why the Alt-West is the future of the Alt-Right and not the Alt-White. The latter not only

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