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“The only reason government exists is to buy things for people that they can’t buy themselves.”

The only reason government exists at all is to buy things for the people that they can’t buy for themselves.”

This is a direct quote from a prominent American politician, taken from a statement …

Roach Motel “Freedom”: States Can Check In, But They Can’t Check Out

Back in the day, there were some nifty little commercials for something called a “roach motel”. The actual item being advertised was a small black bug-killing box that would attract unsuspecting victims in and then …

Theft In The Name Of The Law: Trump Enthusiastically Defends Police Theft Of Private Property

“The White House has riled the country’s civil libertarian wing after President Trump enthusiastically voiced support for a controversial law enforcement tool that allows an individual’s property or assets to be seized without a guilty …

Alienism and Worldliness

There is a great divide between godliness and worldliness. Christians are called out of the world (Jn. 17:6) and are therefore hated by the world (Jn. 15:19). Christians are commanded to not love the world …

Exorcising the Ghost of LBJ from America’s Pulpits

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a wheeling, dealing, scoundrel of a politician who connived and backstabbed his way to the top of the political heap before falling so far in public opinion that he passed up …

What if American Christians were as serious about preventing child sacrifice as American Leftists are about preventing immigration enforcement?

What if American Christians were as serious about preventing child sacrifice as American Leftists are about preventing immigration enforcement?

Before diving too deep into that one, check out this report from CBS Los Angeles earlier …

So the GOP wants to “repair” rather than “repeal” ObamaCare (and every other satanic Socialist program in America). How awesome is that?!

So the GOP is gonna “fix” Socialism for us!


Like they’ve “fixed” the satanic/Socialist public school system.

And like they’re “fixed” the satanic/Socialist Social Security system.

And like they’ve “fixed” the satanic, black magic …

Those Evil Russians Are Doing Military Things Near The Russian Border Again

Looks like those evil Russkies are daring to perform military exercises near the Russian border again.

Sneaky Commies!

Oh wait, you noticed that “near the Russian border” part?

And then you thought that maybe there …

Crack & Socialism: The First Hit Is Always “Free”

Socialism, like other mind-altering drugs, is very marketable. It’s an easy sell.

And the first hit is always “free”.

Free public schools.

Free health care.

Free medicine.

And like those pimping these programs’ crack, meth, …

President Obama: Eight Vainglorious Years – A Retrospective: Second Term

With his character and agenda thus firmly established during his first term, Obama defeated hapless corporate Mormon cuck Mitt Romney in 2012. Despite the fact that Mittens handily won the white vote – twenty

Secession: It’s not just a right wing thing anymore.

Radical decentralization is coming.

It’s inevitable.

The localized empowerment of people, families, and small communities though God’s provision of incredible technologies and opportunities the likes of which were unthinkable or limited to works of science-fiction …

Dow 20,000 + Debt $20,000,000,000,000 = Fiat Slavery In Action

In case you (somehow) haven’t heard, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently hit 20,000.


How awesome is that?!

How much does that prove the strength and general awesomeness of the American economy?!

Well, …

President Obama: Eight Vainglorious Years – A Retrospective: First Term

It all started with a seemingly innocuous goof-up.

On January 20th, 2009, overseeing the historic (some would say hysteric) inaugural of Barack Hussein Obama as the first-ever African-American president of the United States, …

The Incompetence Of Evil Empires (Like Ours)

Evil empires are stupid empires.

And why is that?

Because evil empires are built upon the rejection of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word on things like law, economics, war, peace, liberty, freedom, prosperity,

How To Trade Freedom For Aircraft Carriers (And Make “Conservatives” Cheer At The Same Time)

Remember when self-identified American patriots actually wanted true liberty and freedom enough to wage war against State-empowering, slavery-promoting things like Social Security and public schools?

Remember when self-identified fiscal conservatives at least pretended to be …

Say it with me now: Abortion. Is. Murder.




This simple, powerful truth – necessary as it is to the faithful proclamation and application of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in our desperate and dying culture – is often …

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