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ANTIFA Speaks To Infowars

Check this out:

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

Leftist Meltdown: ‘Inexperienced Emotions of the Heart’

The Left-wing meltdown is on full display across the United States:

Top 10 List of Things RedStater Doesn’t Care About

#10 – Amazon questions & “answers”.

#9 – Being thorough.

#8 –

#7 –

#6 – Being called a racist/bigot/nativist/anti-Semite/yadda yadda.

#5 – The brown growth on my shoulder that’s starting to look like Michelle … Hacked

Check it out.

They got hacked by some Proud Goys. The site is linking to the video below for now:

Note: Can you believe they put all these White people in this video? It …

Daryle Lamont Jenkins Shows Off His Porn Collection At National Press Building

These antifas are not having the best week:

“WASHINGTON — Anti-fascist activists had a difficult time pushing back against James O’Keefe’s investigative reporting during a planned press conference Friday. They got kicked out of

President Trump Threatens To Defund UC Berkeley

It has been less than two weeks:

UCONN Professor Gets Tucked On White Supremacy

I would have loved to have asked him some questions.

If we live in a “white supremacist” country, why is “racism” considered to be such a terrible moral failing? Why do we have affirmative action …

White Student Viciously Assaulted By Black Thug In Murfreesboro, TN

If the races were reversed, it would be the biggest story in the country right now:

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

Andrew Anglin has found a new video:

“On Sunday in DC, antifa attacked some random guy who was just trying to go to work, and received a vicious COUNTERSTRIKE.

This video is the best

Washingtonian: It’s Okay For DC Restaurants To Discriminate Against White Nationalists

The Washingtonian explains the intricacies of the DC Human Rights Act:

“The DC Human Rights Act prevents businesses from discriminating against people for their political affiliation (as well as gender, race, religion, etc). “But

Intersectional Left Devolves Into Infighting Over Women’s March on Washington

Lulz incoming:

“Many thousands of women are expected to converge on the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. Jennifer Willis no longer plans to be

Michael Eric Dyson’s White Guilt IRA For “Woke” Progressives

In his upcoming book Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon To White America, Michael Eric Dyson proposes that White progressives start individual reparations accounts to atone for slavery and white privilege. If *woke* progressives …

God Emperor Maintains Twitter Silence On #BLMKidnapping

I’m not going to lie.

As of 10:00 PM CST, President-Elect Donald Trump has yet to say anything about the #BLMKidnapping. This was a huge test and so far it has been a big disappointment. …

NAACP President Gives Clenched-Fist Black Power Salute In Jeff Sessions Mobile Office

I was watching CNN this evening and Wolf Blitzer was doing a segment on the NAACP sit-in going on in Jeff Sessions’ Mobile office when my jaw dropped. The president of the NAACP, Cornell William …

Generation KKK/Escaping The KKK Exposed As Massive Hoax

Of course it was a hoax.

I had been told for months by friends in North Mississippi that it was fake. It was a joint production of the ADL and the Lügenpresse designed to …



What’s in your wallet, you racissss muvaf****ers?

AWD has a dangerous job. Most outside of war have never experienced the blood and gore in the plumbing fixture sales industry. I won’t publicly …

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