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Dylann Roof Suffered From A Host of Mental Disorders

Did you hear the news?

“Acting as his own lawyer, Dylann S. Roof, the young white supremacist convicted of killing nine African-American worshipers at a church in Charleston, S.C., stood before a federal jury last

Trump Supporter Viciously Assaulted At Portland Airport By Progressive Lynch Mob

Who is a Nazi?

If you support President Trump, the Left has decided that you are a Nazi and that political violence against you is legitimate. This is why I made such a big

What Trump’s Wall Says to the World

By Patrick J. Buchanan “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” wrote poet Robert Frost in the opening line of “Mending Walls.” And on the American left there is something like revulsion at the …

White Student Viciously Assaulted By Black Thug In Murfreesboro, TN

If the races were reversed, it would be the biggest story in the country right now:

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

God Emperor Donald Trump DESTROYS John Lewis

Are you tired of winning?

No, we’re not tired of winning. We want to see more of this. That’s enough for me to come to the Inauguration. This is the Donald Trump we voted for …

Former Miss Italy Contestant Scarred For Life After Black Ex-Boyfriend Throws Acid In Her Face

Sorry for triggering you, but you got to see how this love story ended:

“A former Miss Italy contestant may lose her sight and will have to have plastic surgery after acid was thrown

Confronting And Correcting The Prison Industrial Complex

Isn’t it interesting that Scripture never even begins to advocate the use of anything remotely resembling the current American prison system when it comes to punishing criminal behavior?

Instead, the perfect, sufficient Word of God …

Dylann Roof: “I Still Feel Like I Had To Do It”

Jesus Christ.

“Charleston, South Carolina (CNN) Dylann Roof told jurors who hold his life in their hands Tuesday that he still feels he had to massacre the people gathered for Bible study last year

God Emperor Maintains Twitter Silence On #BLMKidnapping

I’m not going to lie.

As of 10:00 PM CST, President-Elect Donald Trump has yet to say anything about the #BLMKidnapping. This was a huge test and so far it has been a big disappointment. …

Lügenpresse Mourns Death Of The Trump Hate Crimes Narrative

I’m not even joking.

You can’t make this up … the Lügenpresse is saddened by the fact that #BLMKidnapping is such a blow to the Narrative on so many fronts:

“If you believe


Jesus Christ, I have spent the evening writing about Trump Cabinet picks, watching MSNBC and reading various articles on Alt-Lite drama, and I was completely unaware of the reaction to what has transpired in Chicago

Third World Chicago: What we want to avoid

Chicago, a majority non-White and Democratic-controlled city which even the Left-wing Huffington Post admits is “synonymous with political corruption”, experienced more vibrancy and diversity over this Christmas. DNAinfo reports that 37 people were shot, 11 …

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