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Let’s get the State out of our children’s heads, shall we?

Goliath towers.

He thinks big, talks tough, and actually seems to believe in the inevitability of his victory. His gaggle of hangers-on and yes-men cheer him on and bask in the glow of his largeness, …

Eye has not seen and ear has not heard…what sinless culture will look like.

“. . . no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love him.”

These oft repeated words from 1 Corinthians 2:9 (which are …

It’s Official: Pepsi Is Racist

Pepsi recently ran a bizarre commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. For those of you who don’t know Kendall Jenner, she is most famous as a member of the degenerate Jenner/Kardashian family who typifies 21st-century America. The …

Top 10 Excuses for Throwing a Party This April

There’s tons of black pills out there to chew on every day, but some white pills this month are just the right excuse for throwing a party, cracking some jokes, inviting over friends, hosting a …

When feelings trump everything, everything dies.

We feel, therefore we think we’re thinking.

But we’re not thinking much, if at all, these days.

We’re emoting.

We’ve venting.

We’re ranting.

And we’re dying.

Dying as slaves; slaves to emotion.

According to Psychology

Do Women Belong in Political and Cultural Leadership?

Since around 1990, cultural power has shifted from a trio of major television networks and daily metro newspapers to new, competing sources of information such as CNN, Fox News, and news-related websites. The decentralization of …

Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 032 – What Is The South?


Harold Crews and Mark Thomey, Board Member of the League of the South, in this podcast talk on what makes Southerners unique and just what traits comprise the Southern identity. Mark begins …

“At Least They’re DOING Something!!!” Postmillennial Misconceptions Regarding One-Worldism

In 1935, author Sinclair Lewis penned the dystopian novel It Can’t Happen Here, a polemic warning about the rise of a future fascist president of the United States. It is a work largely of …

The Return of the Anglo-Saxon

Anglo-Saxon is an ethnic identity, based on ancestry like other ethnic identities, but also on linguistics, legal codes, and political beliefs on how to organize society and any other trait that largely fits in the …

Boer Nationalists Celebrate the Battle of Majuba

Historic Boer flags exhibited at the Battle of Majuba Hill celebration

Today marks the 136th anniversary of the historic Battle of Majuba Hill. It was the decisive battle in the First Anglo-Boer War, …

Pleasantville: Libertarianism and the Cult of Liber

A bit behind the times, I recently watched the 1989 film Pleasantville: a more esoteric bit of cinema I may have never seen. Many I’ve spoken with about it seem to have been blissfully …

To the Law and to the Testimony!

In a recent interview, my wife and I explained how we produce our podcast, Good Morning White America, with both pro-white Christians and non-Christians in mind. Our approach is to be open to those …

Alienism and Worldliness

There is a great divide between godliness and worldliness. Christians are called out of the world (Jn. 17:6) and are therefore hated by the world (Jn. 15:19). Christians are commanded to not love the world …

Boy Scouts Fall Deeper into Degeneracy and Insanity

After the pseudo-controversy regarding the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on homosexual leaders and troops back in the days of yore (policies which ended under the oh-so-august reigns of Barack Obama and Robert Gates for

Mr. President, Tear Down This School

After UC Berkeley, the only question I have now is, how far will President Trump and his cultural allies go to win this war?

What we have witnessed in the few short weeks since Trump …

A Review of Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

In this day and age it is always odd to see something that seems pro-white to receive accolades from the usual dispensers of anti-white hatred.  Sources like the New York Times, the cuckservative church, and …

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