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Change Media Ownership Rules to Make America Great (and Free) Again

The vast majority of the media today in the United States are complicit in, or leaders of, the movement to destroy this nation’s sovereignty and integrity. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s a fact.

Critics on the

Is School Choice Good for Whites?

School choice is on the Trump Administration’s to-do list, and it behooves us to consider its value or lack thereof from the standpoint that every other demographic group examines public policy. Jews ask, “Is …

Suppose the Entire State Department Resigned En Masse and Nobody Noticed?

I don’t know if there still is such a thing as a Georgetown cocktail circuit, but if so they must have been all a-buzz over the earth-shattering news emanating from their domicile on January …

Dear White People: Cancel Your Netflix Subscriptions

They just can’t leave good enough alone.

Backlash against Netflix came fast and furious when their trailer for “Dear White People” premiered on YouTube Wednesday. The show highlights the angst and rage of an …

Boy Scouts Fall Deeper into Degeneracy and Insanity

After the pseudo-controversy regarding the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on homosexual leaders and troops back in the days of yore (policies which ended under the oh-so-august reigns of Barack Obama and Robert Gates for

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be lone wolves

“Alexandre, before being a killer, he was a victim also,” Imam Hassan Guillet said.

“Before shooting bullets into the heads of his victims, somebody planted ideas, more dangerous than the bullets, in his head.”

Ásotthalom, Hungary, Goes Theonomic

The Hungarian town of Ásotthalom recently banned not only the public practice of the religion of Islam, but also all propaganda for sodomy. Now the local government says it wants to attract white nationalists

Mr. President, Tear Down This School

After UC Berkeley, the only question I have now is, how far will President Trump and his cultural allies go to win this war?

What we have witnessed in the few short weeks since Trump …

Donald Trump, Civic Nationalist

President Donald Trump’s inaugural address was the speech that tens of millions of Baby Boomers have waited decades to hear.  His populist, protectionist, nationalist themes such as “America First. America First,” “we are transferring

Anti-Abortion Activists Are No Longer Pro-Life, Just SJWs

Not so long ago I wrote a piece on my experience at what I understood to be a symposium on Christian Resistance Theory which turned out to be a pro-life event put on by a …

The Obscene Women’s March of 2017

Unless you’ve been living out on an Amish backacre over the past couple weeks you know of the so called “Women’s March” staged in protest of the inauguration of Donald Trump. Depending upon how closely …

Exorcising the Ghost of LBJ from America’s Pulpits

Lyndon Baines Johnson was a wheeling, dealing, scoundrel of a politician who connived and backstabbed his way to the top of the political heap before falling so far in public opinion that he passed up …

Gorsuch Makes WASP America Great Again

I can just hear it now. In fact, I’m reading it all over the Internet and seeing it all over the liberal television news. Howls of outrage that Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the …

The Parable of the Good Cucktian

Are you familiar with the Parable of the Good Samaritan?  You can find it in Luke 10:25-37 and it goes something like this:

A certain insufficiently democratic Middle Eastern country sat upon strategically important oil

President Obama: Eight Vainglorious Years – A Retrospective: Second Term

With his character and agenda thus firmly established during his first term, Obama defeated hapless corporate Mormon cuck Mitt Romney in 2012. Despite the fact that Mittens handily won the white vote – twenty

“A Dog’s Purpose” is to serve God and man, not PETA’s agenda

The Left is like a pack of sharks, which gets more frenzied and aggressive whenever their prey lets some blood slip into the water. An already-insane ideological bent can turn into an even-more insane, and …

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