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Westminster Proves Muslim Ban Is Humane

In yet another display of how multiculturalism, “refugees,” and Islam are turning the civilized world into just another Third World cesspool, London became a war zone Wednesday when an Islamic man drove a car into

The Return of the Anglo-Saxon

Anglo-Saxon is an ethnic identity, based on ancestry like other ethnic identities, but also on linguistics, legal codes, and political beliefs on how to organize society and any other trait that largely fits in the …

Gresham’s Law and Race

All too true, Mr. Cook.

First off, this is not an article on economics. As has been well noted, few outside the autism spectrum read those. Well, besides libertarians. And maybe autistic libertarians.

Okay, maybe …

Third World Chicago: What we want to avoid

Chicago, a majority non-White and Democratic-controlled city which even the Left-wing Huffington Post admits is “synonymous with political corruption”, experienced more vibrancy and diversity over this Christmas. DNAinfo reports that 37 people were shot, 11 …

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