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The Civil War’s Most Chicken General

Imagine, for a moment, that it is 1862 and you are Gen. George B. McClellan, commander of the Army of the Potomac, the Union’s premier fighting force. The Confederate Army, led by Robert E. Lee, …

The Secret Jewish History of the Civil War


Local communities in both the North and South mobilized efforts to organize and equip the armies of the Civil War. In August, 1862, the Jewish community of Chicago met in a series of meetings at

Women as Civil War Spies

Women of all backgrounds and political leanings engaged in espionage during the Civil War, but elite white women in the Union-occupied South found it especially appealing to utilize their ample opportunities to gather information from …

Mercy Street Drama Tells Complex Civil War Story

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) – The real “Mercy Street” depicted in the PBS Civil War drama ran down Fairfax Street in Old Town Alexandria, from the Mansion House Hospital to the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary.

It was …

Civil War Maps Show Gulf in New Light

Panorama of the seat of war, with a bird's eye view of Texas and part of Mexico in 1861. This shows the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to the Rio Grande River.

Panorama of the seat of war, with a bird’s eye view of Texas and part of Mexico in 1861. This shows the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana to the Rio Grande River.

Trump Swears In on Family, Lincoln Bible

President-elect Donald Trump was sworn in at his inaugural ceremony Friday using the same Bible that President Lincoln used at his inauguration, as well as a Bible Mr. Trump’s mother had given to him in

The Troubled History of MLK Day

For most people in the United States, Monday, January 16, is a holiday known as Martin Luther King Day (often abbreviated MLK Day). But if you happen to live in Arkansas, Alabama, or

Hollywood’s Civil War History

California is famous for the 1849 Gold Rush, but how many people realize that its gold paid for one-fourth of the Union’s Civil War expenses? The state’s important but sometimes overlooked role in the conflict …

Democrats Extinct in the South

statesConsider the political realignment of the South from blue to red complete.

Kentucky Democrats lost control of the state house they had held on to for nearly a century — and with it, the party’s …

How Civil War Laws Helped Trump

Donald Trump won the presidential election as millions of people were prevented from voting this year by rules that root back to the Civil War and were made to maintain white male political dominance.

About …

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