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It’s Working

This is one of the many reasons why I preferred a Trump victory:

Politico: Dark Enlightenment Has Ties To Steve Bannon

The story isn’t true.

Still though, it is nice to see Neoreaction getting some greater exposure:

“The first weeks of the Trump presidency have brought as much focus on the White House’s chief

The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness

I love these videos.

Murdoch Murdoch does great work. At the end of the day, all that matters is defeating these bastards. We can argue over the rest of our internal disagreements for a thousand …

Triggered Antifa Strips To Fight Free Speech

My eyes!

So this happened yesterday in Toronto outside the “Generation Screwed” event. It really makes you wonder. How much of a loser do you have to be join one of these organizations?

If you …

National Review Changes Its Tune

President Trump cuts Rich Lowry’s balls off with the precision of a surgeon:

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

Shitlibs To Moon Chicago Trump Tower

This will show him:

“Hundreds have responded to a Facebook “Chicago moons Trump Tower” event, during which protesters plan to drop their trousers in front of Trump Tower Chicago.

According to the Facebook page for

Washington Post: The Trump Administration Isn’t Even Trying To Fight White Nationalists

So, I was reading in The Washington Post this morning when I saw that the Trump administration won’t be fighting White Nationalists “even in the flimsiest and most ephemeral way imaginable.” Even though I didn’t … Hacked

Check it out.

They got hacked by some Proud Goys. The site is linking to the video below for now:

Note: Can you believe they put all these White people in this video? It …

Professor Trigglypuff Confronts The Proud Boys

I’m dying … DYING.

Note: Gavin McInnes was pepper sprayed by these tolerant liberals. It’s kind of amazing how they get away with this after what happened to my friend Michael Weaver.…

Daryle Lamont Jenkins Shows Off His Porn Collection At National Press Building

These antifas are not having the best week:

“WASHINGTON — Anti-fascist activists had a difficult time pushing back against James O’Keefe’s investigative reporting during a planned press conference Friday. They got kicked out of

The Feral Left Absolutely Loses It At Gavin McInnes New York City Event

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the tolerant Left.

Again, I ask you: what does any of this have to do with liberalism? Reason? Tolerance? Freedom of assembly? Jesus Christ, look at these snowflakes. …

New York City Antifas Threaten To Attack Gavin McInnes and Proud Boys

As if any further proof were needed, the antifas are out of control:

Darth Bannon: We Are Witnessing The Birth of a New Political Order

Read the whole thing.

Daily Double: Who are the Jews?

Translation: these Jews are losing their shit and politically that is great for us.

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

Andrew Anglin has found a new video:

“On Sunday in DC, antifa attacked some random guy who was just trying to go to work, and received a vicious COUNTERSTRIKE.

This video is the best

The Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump

This really says it all:

Note: I will be writing up a storm later.

Read more at Occidental Dissent...

The Liberal World Order Is Collapsing

Are you ready for the occupation of Washington, DC?

“And here in the District of Columbia, where 91 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, “full-scale panic” is setting in, said John Feehery,

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