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Eight Reasons Why I Am Convinced Innovation ≠ Miscegenation

I was cruising through the Twitter feed of The Washington Post the other day – that sad, pathetic, sub-Community Calendar tabloid desperately trying to get just a little more mileage out of its unwarranted Woodward

What can gun rights supporters learn from immigration sanctuary cities?

TAC memberships help us produce more educational tools like this. Members can download this video and read the full transcript at this link.

It might be a surprise, but quite a lot…


The Country Strikes Back (Against the City)

It’s long been a dividing line in American politics. Money and power flow into the city from the country. Small towns and farms lose workers to big-city jobs. Kids move away to the big city …

March Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens in NC


Unfortunately, another month has come and gone and the unabated raping of children in NC, by illegal aliens, continues.

Last month, March 2017, we were able to document and confirm18 different illegal aliens, who

Signed by the Governor: Mississippi Law to Ban Sanctuary Cities Actually Doesn’t

JACKSON, Miss. (Apr. 4, 2017) – Last week, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill that many have claimed will “outlaw sanctuary cities” in the state. However, a closer reading of the …

Vetoed: Virginia Governor Rejects Bill to Prohibit “Sanctuary City” Policies

RICHMOND, Va. (March 28, 2017) – Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that would have prohibited so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with enforcement of some federal immigration laws.

A coalition …

Westminster Proves Muslim Ban Is Humane

In yet another display of how multiculturalism, “refugees,” and Islam are turning the civilized world into just another Third World cesspool, London became a war zone Wednesday when an Islamic man drove a car into

A Disappointing Election Day for the Netherlands

The Dutch people took a leap towards the misery experienced by their Boer cousins in South Africa when they failed to uncuck themselves during their general election held on Wednesday. The ruling party of prime …

A Response to David Platt on the Refugee Crisis

A family friend recently posted this video of a presentation made by Southern Baptist pastor David Platt on the refugee crisis. This sermon was delivered at the chapel service at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary …

The False Resistance of Flamboyance: A Comparison Between Milo Yiannopoulos and Pim Fortuyn

May 6th of 2017 will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the assassination of ‘far right’ Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn – a syncretic character whose contradictions were considered quite baffling to conservatives in that simpler …

How to Report a Suspected Illegal Immigrant

The Left is stark raving mad that the U.S. government actually enforced the laws of the land against illegal immigrants last week. As new Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly said in a Feb. 13

Do We Really Need Somali Immigration?


With all the hoopla and angst surrounding President Trump’s travel ban on Muslim immigrants from certain countries I have to ask a very basic question. Why do we need even a single refuge from …

10 Things They Never Told You About “One Law for Native and Alien” – Or, How to Make John Piper Cry

But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Prohibit “Sanctuary City” Policies

AUSTIN, Texas (Feb. 8, 2017) – A bill that would effectively prohibit so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with enforcement of some federal immigration laws passed the Texas Senate today.

Sen. Charles Perry …

“The Creed of Antichrist”: R.J. Rushdoony on the United Nations as Religious Dream

Last year, Faith and Heritage initiated the first annual Rushdoony Commemoration Day, and this year we continue celebrating this recent tradition with today’s piece dedicated to promoting the work done by the greatest theologian …

Cuckservatives: UK Government To Spend Millions FIGHTING The Alt-Right

These people are the biggest joke in the world:

“Theresa May’s government is planning a sweeping new multi-million pound campaign against far-right fanatics.

The online battle, to be led by advertising giants M&C Saatchi,

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