Hostile elites offended by Trump TV ad

Donald Trump’s recent television advertisement blasting hostile elites has offended Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D) and a powerful Left-wing Jewish organization, Politico reports:

The TV spot warns of the influence of “those who control the levers of power in Washington” and “global special interests,” and it raised eyebrows among observers who said it contains anti-Semitic overtones.

Why does ‘our’ media hate us?

I haven’t written much lately. Mainly, I have been watching coverage of the last competitive US presidential election over at Occidental Dissent – and watching the media unite in attacking the only mainstream presidential nominee in my lifetime who has promised to improve our demographic situation, save our jobs and get tough on ghetto thugs.…

I’m Alt Right, and You Should Be Too


Dear Mom and Dad,

You may have heard about the ‘Alt Right’ from Hillary’s speech today.  I know that you raised me to never think ill of other groups like blacks, gays, or Jews, and that you’ve always spoken well of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights movement, and that you think the Bible tells us that we white Christians have to take in refugees no matter what.…