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From Syria to Afghanistan to North Korea to…Sorry, Folks, but It’s Time to Dump Trump

[Editor’s note: while all Faith & Heritage writers are in basic agreement on fundamental principles, we are not monolithic on secondary issues or even always on how those fundamental principles should be applied. An example

Trump on “history’s darkest hour”

We traditional Southerners are a Christian people, and as such, we seek to honor our God in every way. This includes discerning the truth–and lies–of history, the unfolding of His

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The Holodomor’s Bitter Harvest

Recently someone sent me a link to the trailer of an upcoming movie entitled Bitter Harvest, a love story set against the backdrop of the Soviet-induced Ukrainian famine in 1931-32

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Trump, Alt Right Blamed for Black Liberal’s Anti-Semitic Hoaxes

In a stunning turn of events, the mainstream liberal media has admitted that the recent waves of bomb threats and grave desecrations against Jews has — at least in part — been perpetrated by a

Dixie’s Neo-Classical Beauty vs Post-Modern Ugliness

The international (((media))) is fawning over the completion of Hamburg, Germany’s new Elbphilharmonie music hall – a post-modern monstrosity designed by “Swiss” firm Herzog & de Meuron. The strange building’s construction has been condemned …

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