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To bow or not to bow: President Trump, American pride, and submitting to the King.

To bow or not to bow.

That is the question.

Or at least it has been over the past few days of President Trump’s diplomatic adventure to Saudi Arabia.

While there’s a truckload of strangeness …

Despite Fake News Media, Congress Will Not Impeach Trump

As usual, Steve Bannon was right. The media IS the opposition party.

What else can we conclude when we see headlines, day after day, in some of the biggest media outlets in the world, …

Reaping What We’ve Sown

In case you haven’t noticed, repentance isn’t exactly “a thing” here in ‘Merica.

Pride is.

‘Cause we’re clearly God’s favorite.

Without America, what would God do? What would He have to work with?

Not much, …

Considerations on the Arbitrary Authority of Secular Government

Last month William Orrick, a United States federal judge in the state of California, blocked a Trump administration directive that would cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities. This comes on the heels of a …

Why Does the Right Wing Vote?

[Editor’s note: while all Faith & Heritage writers are in basic agreement on fundamental principles, we are not monolithic on secondary issues or even always on how those fundamental principles should be applied. An example

DC isn’t the answer. DC is the problem.

What is – or should be, anyway – the most glaring lesson of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Trump era?

What should be the most obvious truth revealed by the manner in which DC has operated over the past …

How To Drain The Swamp In Three Simple Steps

Wanna drain the swamp?

I mean really drain the swamp.

Starting right now.

Contrary to popular opinion, it can be done.

Yes, really.

Here are three simple (not to be confused with “easy” or “small”) …

Looking For Frodo (To Run For Congress)

Back when the Trump Train was steaming through the Republican primaries last summer, we asked two questions:

Can overtly unbiblical power be seized and reliably used for good?

Or must it be destroyed?

The …

We won’t drain the swamp of thieves until we drain the swamp of power.

Many who passionately pulled the proverbial lever for The Donald to be come The President did so because they basically wanted to, figuratively if not literally, blow up the DC establishment.

They wanted to drain …

From Syria to Afghanistan to North Korea to…Sorry, Folks, but It’s Time to Dump Trump

[Editor’s note: while all Faith & Heritage writers are in basic agreement on fundamental principles, we are not monolithic on secondary issues or even always on how those fundamental principles should be applied. An example

The Country Strikes Back (Against the City)

It’s long been a dividing line in American politics. Money and power flow into the city from the country. Small towns and farms lose workers to big-city jobs. Kids move away to the big city …

You have to vote for TrumpCare to find out what’s in TrumpCare.

Oh yeah, Republicans are different.

Republicans are our only real hope here in ‘Merica.

Trump will save us…from what, exactly?


Uh, no. Trump and the GOP are wholly committed to Socialism, just with a …

What does “satanic” mean, and why do we not seem to know?

What does it mean to be “satanic”?

Does a thing have to be over-the-top creepy/bad, like Fifty Shades of Grey or a Ouija board, in order to qualify?

Does a person have to do extra-spicy, …

How God Is Using “Gay Marriage” To Teach Us About Law

Ask any remotely coherent Christian if, just because a (local, state, or national level) government proclaims a homosexual couple to be “married”, that then makes said “marriage” legitimate and real, and the Christian in question …

Why is “Tennessee Right To Life” propping up the child sacrifice industry in Tennessee?

“A group of Tennessee pro-life leaders said they will not stand behind a bill that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.”

So begins an NBC post chronicling the latest in a …

Why Our Constitution Cannot Endure In God’s Creation

Who rules over us?

Who rules over America?

Who creates true and immutable rights?

Who creates true and unbreakable law the likes of which must be obeyed right here and now?

The answers to these …

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