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German Government Intensifies Its Anti-German Policy

The local government in the federal state of Berlin, Germany, has become the second in Germany to pass a decree stating that illegal immigrants subject to “far-right attacks” receive “double protection,” i.e. cannot be legally …

Our Planned Feudal Future Under American Statism

Advocates of centralized power are on a path.

They have a trajectory.

They’ve got goals.

They’ve got ideas – all kinds of ideas about how to make our lives better…as they define “better”, of course.…

Confronting And Correcting The Prison Industrial Complex

Isn’t it interesting that Scripture never even begins to advocate the use of anything remotely resembling the current American prison system when it comes to punishing criminal behavior?

Instead, the perfect, sufficient Word of God …

Will Rand Paul and Donald Trump Audit the Fed?

The Fed is not yet dead, but if President-elect Donald Trump grants his executive approval of Sen. Rand Paul’s resurrected “Audit the Fed” bill, the central bank will be closer to its grave than

The Christian Philosophy of Voting

Late last year Wylie Huffaker wrote an article for this website entitled “The Philosophy of Voting”. As I made clear in the comments section when I first read the article, I strongly disagree with …

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