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Cuckservatives: UK Government To Spend Millions FIGHTING The Alt-Right

These people are the biggest joke in the world:

“Theresa May’s government is planning a sweeping new multi-million pound campaign against far-right fanatics.

The online battle, to be led by advertising giants M&C Saatchi,

BLM Canada: Justin Trudeau Is A White Supremacist Terrorist

H/T Daily Stormer

Everything is “white supremacy” … including Justin Trudeau:

“At a February 4th BLM Canada rally, Justin Trudeau was declared to be a “White Supremacist terrorist” by a Negress speaker.

You would think

Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was virtue signaling so hard yesterday morning that I mused about whether President Trump should order the liberation of Canada:

Former Miss Italy Contestant Scarred For Life After Black Ex-Boyfriend Throws Acid In Her Face

Sorry for triggering you, but you got to see how this love story ended:

“A former Miss Italy contestant may lose her sight and will have to have plastic surgery after acid was thrown

Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species?

By Patrick J. Buchanan “As we begin 2017, the most urgent threat to liberal democracy is not autocracy,” writes William Galston of The Wall Street Journal, “it is illiberal democracy.” Galston’s diagnosis is not wrong, …

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