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League President on Red Ice TV

League President Michael Hill appeared on Red Ice TV today to discuss the ongoing assault on our Southern inheritance. Listen here:

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Chain of Hands at the Edge of the Marxist Memory Hole

On the 6th of May, myself and a group of hard-chargers drove 15 hours to defend our people at the base of the General Robert E. Lee monument in New Orleans, Louisiana. On the way…

Another Left Wing Failure in NOLA

“The Battle of New Orleans” was not so much a real battle; rather it was an opportunity for Antifa and their motley assortment of basic-bitch White liberals, pet non-whites, and sexual deviants to throw a…

Confederate monuments are coming down in NOLA

Today as many Southerners celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, workers, guarded by heavily-armed police, began dismantling four Confederate monuments (see one of them at right, replete with graffiti message to whites)

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Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans

When you read about the worst cities in the United States you’ll find that they all share a common characteristic: each has been under Democratic leadership for decades. Most of you have read horror stories……

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