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Paul Yarbrough

The Burning of Atlanta

I don’t watch sports as I once did. Growing up down South some of my fondest memories were of the World Series, and the radio connection through Al Helfer, Red Barber or Mel Allen. I……

Never the North, Always the South

“I think every heritage has things that are good about it, every heritage has things that are harmful about it,” replied Representative Tom Price recently to a question from Senator Tim Kaine. “And I’m happy……

The Dixie Curse

In the tradition of all authority to trample love and devotion, an outsider (or perhaps a group of) has decided to cut into the heart of a people’s birthright. Ross Bjork, University of Mississippi (Ole……

See ya–Signed C.S.A.

A fellow by the name of Marcus Ruiz Evans was on Fox’s Tucker Carlson program recently. He offered his stance on secession vis-à-vis California’s consideration. His position stood apropos for the Golden Bears because the……

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