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Is School Choice Good for Whites?

School choice is on the Trump Administration’s to-do list, and it behooves us to consider its value or lack thereof from the standpoint that every other demographic group examines public policy. Jews ask, “Is …

JayMan: The Genetics of the American Nations

JayMan has an excellent article at on the genetics of the American Nations:
“And now, a new paper in Nature bears out the genetic roots of the American nations. In “Clustering of 770,000

Alienism and Worldliness

There is a great divide between godliness and worldliness. Christians are called out of the world (Jn. 17:6) and are therefore hated by the world (Jn. 15:19). Christians are commanded to not love the world …

A Review of Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

In this day and age it is always odd to see something that seems pro-white to receive accolades from the usual dispensers of anti-white hatred.  Sources like the New York Times, the cuckservative church, and …

Gorsuch Makes WASP America Great Again

I can just hear it now. In fact, I’m reading it all over the Internet and seeing it all over the liberal television news. Howls of outrage that Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the …

Gresham’s Law and Race

All too true, Mr. Cook.

First off, this is not an article on economics. As has been well noted, few outside the autism spectrum read those. Well, besides libertarians. And maybe autistic libertarians.

Okay, maybe …

President Obama: Eight Vainglorious Years – A Retrospective: Second Term

With his character and agenda thus firmly established during his first term, Obama defeated hapless corporate Mormon cuck Mitt Romney in 2012. Despite the fact that Mittens handily won the white vote – twenty

President Obama: Eight Vainglorious Years – A Retrospective: First Term

It all started with a seemingly innocuous goof-up.

On January 20th, 2009, overseeing the historic (some would say hysteric) inaugural of Barack Hussein Obama as the first-ever African-American president of the United States, …

Yanks and Southerners: Two Distinct Races

Few will go so far as to say that Dixians are a distinct race from other groups of British descent. Most will say that we are culturally different because of our unique history, climate, geography,

McDurmon’s Reparations: Supposing That Gain Is Godliness

Joel McDurmon found himself stumped this past summer when a black pastor asked him why he was so driven to involve himself in “the race issue.” McDurmon could not come up with a reason. Even …

Interest in Science Largely Determined by Race

The Pew Research Center just released their findings from a study regarding the attitudes of U.S. high school seniors toward science. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the optimistic attitudes of U.S. high school seniors …

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