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One by One

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While many are for the absolute independence of the Southern people, we must recognize that independence will only happen State by State one by one.Talk of Southern independence is all great and wonderful. But speaking in generalities allows most people the excuse for someone else to make it happen.Following the sorry election of 1860 and Lincoln’s ascension to the presidency, it took the action of South Carolina on 20 December to lead the other States in secession. Mississippi, Florida and Alabama followed on 10, 11 & 12 January respectively. Georgia and Louisiana later in the month and Texas on 1 February.From December 1860 until February 1861, seven southern States by their individual and unilateral action declared their separation from and independence of the federal Union. Only then was a confederacy formed. Until then, each State legislature and their people had to recognize that they might be the sole recipient of any…

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