A Miscarriage of Justice

“Passion governs, and she never governs wisely,” wrote Benjamin Franklin to Joseph Galloway in 1775.[1] Wise words from the wisest of America’s Founders, yet ninety years later the very government that Franklin helped create disregarded… »

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Trump Wins–Secession Back in Style


Only days after Donald Trump’s victory there were already calls for secession arising from liberal controlled states of California and Oregon. While such calls may be an over-reaction, it does help to make a point that has been urged from the very beginning of our original Republic of Republics.…

Serfdom, revolution, or independence?

jm-hill-lrgThis article was first published on this website in June 2014. It has been edited for re-publication.

Americans, including Southerners, like to imagine themselves as moderates, middle-of-the-roaders who are not radical in either political direction, reasonable and responsible people who obey the law and don’t cause trouble.…

Resisting radicalism: Canada & Dixie

Tory Canada, governed from 1791 until 1841 under the so-called Family Compact (which was loyalist, traditionalist and heavily Anglican), successfully repelled Whig radical imperialists from New England in the American invasion of 1775 and home-grown liberal sympathizers in the Rebellions of 1837 only to largely lose against liberal republicanism in the sweeping reforms of the 1840s.…