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The Limits of Authority

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In the foundational political treatise, Vindiciae Contra Tyrranos (A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) first published in 1579, the author under the pen name Junius Brutus appealed to the reigning king of France for a just and righteous government.The treatise was divided into four sections, the first of which explored The Limits to Authority. The statement is made, “It is the responsibility of princes to know the extent of their authority and of subjects to know to what extent they may obey princes.”Today, we are faced with a great number of people who promote their concept of separation of Church and State as keeping God out of civil government. In the days of France’s King Henry or in the 1760s and 70s as the American patriots dealt with England’s King George, kings had a similar attitude as that of politicians today let God run the heavens, but we run the earth….

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