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States Rights

Graham: If You Don’t Wan’t To Punish Russia For Interfering You’re Not A True American Patriot

Treasonous snakes working for Obama...

Treasonous snakes working for Obama…

The two biggest fake Conservative, establishment RINO’s simply cannot accept that Donald Trump won this election fairly. In the media, they argue that they want to use “whatever force

A State of Mind

On June 7, 1776, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia offered a resolution to the Second Continental Congress, then meeting in Philadelphia, which began with the epic demand, “ That these United Colonies are, and of……

Obama: I’m Not Going Anywhere On Jan 20th, Trump Needs To Learn His Place In Politics

How can we take anything he says seriously?

How can we take anything he says seriously?

Before you read this article, I want you to tell me what has been Obama’s greatest accomplishment. If you are like me, you quickly realize that Obama …

231 Criminals In One Day: Obama Sets Record For Presidential Pardons

Such a disgrace!

Such a disgrace!

Barack Hussein Obama continues to set records for all of the wrong reasons.

On Monday, Obama broke another record as he granted clemency to 231 federal inmates, the most in a single …

Walmart To Sell “Black Lives Matter” Apparel While Removing “Offensive” Christian Apparel

An absolute disgrace

An absolute disgrace

The domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter should never be something we allow to flourish, but under Obama, the group is stronger than ever.

In a recent report, Walmart has officially chosen …

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