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States Rights

4 Death Clinics Bite The Dust As Planned Parenthood Learns Defunding Bill Was No Joke

Abortion supporters outraged over Iowa's decision to defund Planned Parenthood (pictured above).

Abortion supporters outraged demanding the right to murder babies (pictured above).

One of the primary duties of government is to protect life. For some reason, many on the left have interpreted this to mean only

Liberals’ Ban On Conservatives Ends Abruptly In Tennessee As State Officials Pass Huge Bill

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

It’s no secret that conservative ideas are not welcomed in modern day universities that are governed by “safe spaces and micro-aggressions”. However, that has come to an abrupt end in Tennessee

$26 Billion: Congressional Oversight Committee Discovers Truth To Sanctuary City Funds


Sanctuary Now

A protestor demonstrates in support of sanctuary cities. But, if the Trump administration pulls federal funding from these cities, it will amount to billions of dollars in lost taxpayer dollars.

A newly released oversight …

Court Rains On Gay Pride Parade, Christian Shop Owner Wins In Heated Religious Freedom Case

Blaine Adamson

Blaine Adamson, the owner of Hands On Originals found himself in court when he refused to print t-shirts for the Lexington Gay Pride Parade.

An appeals court on Friday upheld the rights of Kentucky Christian …

LGBT Denied: Texas Passes Landmark Bill To Give Private Adoption Agencies The Right To Say “NO”


The Texas State House just passed a new bill protecting the rights of adoption agencies to deny applicants on religious criteria.

It’s a controversial landmark new bill in the Texas State Legislature and it’s an …

Student-Teacher Outbreak, Texas Lawmakers Push Bill To Crackdown On State’s New Problem

Paul Bettencourt

Republican Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt sponsored a bill imposing stricter penalties on educators involved in student-teacher relationships, and barring them from further employment in education.

In response to a growing problem in the Lone …

Snowflake Students Get Wakeup Call, Free Speech Act Passed To Suspend And EXPEL In Michigan

The new bill aims to allow students the freedom to turn colleges back into a free marketplace of ideas, rather than political correct clone machines that quell any idea considering “offensive.”

In response to a …

$700M Hemorrhaging Loss, ObamaCare Aftermath Driving Aetna Healthcare Out Of Marketplace



Aetna is the latest in a string of insurance companies to leave the state exchanges.

Major health insurance provider Aetna announced Wednesday that they will be completely pulling out of the ObamaCare marketplace exchange …

Vegas Jewish Synagogue Burned As Muslim Man Chooses Arson As His Form Of Terror

lv fire1

Police investigate the car fire outside the Las Vegas synagogue.

Residents and churchgoers were shocked earlier this week when a Muslim man unleashed terror in the form of two fires. Afshin Bahrampour was arrested in

Disease Outbreak As Police Voted Out, $5M Now Estimated To Halt Spike Of Refugee Plague

mn health

Minnesota wants taxpayer help out of their refugee crisis.

Another day and another crisis in Minnesota. The most welcoming state in America to refugees is paying a high price for their generosity. Rather,  they want

Ancient Plague Spreads Through Minnesota Community As Muslim Refugees Refuse Vaccine

Somali refugees escaped their country only to expose their children to dangerous diseases here.

Minnesota has been one of the most open and welcoming states in the country for refugees to settle. Since March they

Prayer In School Miraculously Defended As American Center For Law & Justice Repels Atheist Attack

Prayer in school is actually being defended.

Atheists have been out in full force. Two atheists groups have brought lawsuits against two different school districts over prayer at school board meetings.

The Freedom from Religion …

Texas Repels Anti-Israel Businesses As Governor Abbott Signs New Legislation

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) recently signed legislation defending Israel (pictured above).

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) recently signed legislation defending Israel (pictured above).

Many on the far-left oppose Israel’s existence. In an attempt to hurt them financially, a number of liberal businesses have organized together to

New York Initiates Legislation Requiring Hair Stylists To Undergo Mandatory Spy Training


A new bill may require hairdressers in New York to undergo domestic violence training as part of their cosmetology licensing.

Women in New York may be up for a surprise if a proposed new legislation

Minnesota Muslims Denied Twisted Ritual As State Officials Label Islamic Practice As Criminal

Doctors performing FGM can be arrested in felony charges. Currently there are no laws punishing parents for having it done to their daughters in Minnesota.

Doctors performing FGM can be arrested on felony charges. Currently, there is no law punishing parents for having it done to their daughters in Minnesota.

In a surprise move, the state of Minnesota is taking …

Hemp Oil Spread Across Georgia As Christian Politician Claims $100K Is Nothing Compared To Helping

Allen Peake

Georgia State Representative Allen Peake distributes free medicinal cannabis oil to constituents on his own dime.

A Christian politician admitted to spending more than $100,000 to distribute free medicinal hemp oil in Georgia, the Associated …

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