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A Sad Day or a GREAT Day?

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Last week (Thursday, 19 May), the House of Representatives in Washington voted to ban the use of the Confederate Battle Flag in VA cemeteries. A sad day for American history.The 2017 VA funding bill was amended by Rep. Jared Huffman, a Democrat from California. The VA currently permits the display of the Confederate flag on Memorial Day as well as on Confederate Memorial Day at 131 facilities.Huffman’s district stretches along the Pacific coastline from the Oregon border south to San Francisco. There is one VA cemetery in his district. On the other hand there are seventy three VA cemeteries in the fourteen States represented in the Southern National Congress. That makes 55.7% of the cemeteries affected by this sorry piece of legislation in the South, including that one so conveniently placed on Arlington, the Custis Plantation, the ancestral home of Mary Custis Lee (Robert E. Lee’s wife). That was another sad…

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