The Thornton Affair – Today In Southern History

25 April 1846  

On this date in 1846…

Fighting broke out over the disputed border of Texas when Mexican troops attacked a squadron of U.S. dragoons commanded by Captain Seth Thornton near U.S. General Zachary Taylor’s camp along the Rio Grande in Texas. Known as the Thornton Affair, the skirmish triggered the Mexican-American War.

Other Years:

  • 1774 – Michael Cresap and several partisans killed a Shawnee and a Delaware Indian travelling through the woods on the Kentucky frontier, hoping to instigate a war with the local Indians and seize their lands.
  • 1861 – The Battle of Lavaca, Texas
  • 1862 – New Orleans fell to a U.S. Navy fleet commanded by Admiral David Farragut. 

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