Texas Republicans Call For TEXIT Vote With Almost 90% In Favor

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(Texas Nationalist Movement) The Republican Party of Texas has finally released its 2022 platform and the vote totals for each plank. Nearly 90% support a vote on TEXIT.
A previous version of this story reported the percentage as 90.08% for Plank 225 based on information provided by the Republican Party of Texas. Due to errors in their reporting of the final platform and the vote counts, we have adjusted this article accordingly. Here are links to download the platform and the vote totals provided by the RPT.
After a two-and-a-half-week delay, the RPT has released its platform, and the delegate vote totals for each plank. The Texas Nationalist Movement has been eagerly awaiting the results of the vote for two planks that expressly call for a vote on TEXIT.
The call for a TEXIT vote came in…Read the rest at the Texas Nationalist Movement