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As college football evolves, lessons can be learned from NASCAR’s rapid growth, decline

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There’s A Lesson for College Football in NASCAR’s Decline

(Andrew Carter, The Island Packet) In the crumbling speedways and long-faded echoes of the roars that once gave rise to a national sporting phenomenon, there are now lessons and quiet whispers that a different regional pastime would be wise to heed: There’s a mighty cost in abandoning one’s roots.
There was a time, throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, when NASCAR was considered America’s fastest-growing sport. The likes of Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon became household names in those days, and those in charge might’ve thought the future to be boundless.
And so the businesspeople believed it wise to expand, to take races from places that had given birth to stock car racing, and from people and communities that had nurtured it to civilization from its moonshine-running roots, and move them somewhere else…
…Above all, though, the plight of NASCAR provides a case study for what happens when a regionally-based enterprise forgets where it came from, and what made it special in the first place…
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