Time to End the woke Dept of re-Education

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Betsy DeVos Sparks Backlash With Education Proposal—but the Idea Is Far From Crazy
The vicious backlash to DeVos’s remarks actually reveals a broader lesson about just how difficult it is to scale back government once it is expanded.

(FEE) Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was one of the most controversial members of former President Trump’s cabinet. Few officials in the entire administration earned the same level of mainstream media ire and social media nastiness as the secretary. Yet over the weekend, we saw that the backlash continues even now that DeVos has returned to private life.
DeVos went viral after calling for the abolishment of the federal Department of Education, of which she was previously secretary, during remarks alongside Corey DeAngelis at the right-leaning political convention FreedomFest. (At which I attended and spoke). DeVos took the same position at another conservative political gathering over the same weekend. …Read the rest at FEE