More Leftist ‘Fact Checkers,’ More Lies

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(NOQ Report) How do you make fake news even faker? You claim that you’re a journalistic entity that is fighting “disinformation,” of course. You call yourself a “fact-checker”. You throw in some words like “accountability” and “data-driven” and then proceed to hide the facts and drive your own political narrative, leaving truth in the dust.
The Markup is a recent entry into the crowded field of leftists who want to control what we see, hear and read. Its major funding comes from the founder of Craig’s List, Craig Newmark. The billionaire (worth $1.3 billion according to Forbes ) is just one of many extremely wealthy so-called philanthropists who fund disinformation cloaked in righteous “fact-checking”. He’s radically pro-abortion, claiming on Twitter : “Abortion rights are on the ballots this November. The ACLU is connecting the dots to protect and advance our rights on all fronts.”
On his website for Craig Newmark Philanthropies , he claims his money “promotes trustworthy journalism.” Yet, these supposed “watchdog” groups need someone to watch them…Read the rest