Your BLM donations take a dog walk

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Controversial BLM activist Shaun King ‘used $40,000 in donor funds to buy AKC award-winning mastiff to serve as his guard dog’… only to RETURN it several months later because it had ‘too much energy’

(Daily Mail) Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King apparently used donor funds to purchase an award-winning show dog which he later returned for having a ‘little too much energy.’
King’s political action committee, Grassroots Law, made two contributions to California-based Potrero Performance Dogs in the last year, finance disclosures revealed. The funds, totaling more than $40,000, were for ‘contractor services.’
Days after Grassroots made its second contribution in February, King welcomed Marz, a Potrero-bred thoroughbred, to his family. The dog was returned to the breeder last month.
King has battled allegations of fraud for many years,..Read the rest