Finally, After 3 Days, Lake Beats the swamp despite the fraud

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Kari Lake Wins Nail-Biter in Arizona Despite Apparent Mail-In Ballot Fraud

(I’ve been holding this article in the cue since Wednesday. The three-day delay in electioneeringdoes nothing to calm worries about election corruption and incompetence. Is there any sane reason why it took till Friday morning to count 18% of the votes for 1 office when all the other offices on the same ballot were already counted? Come on! Were there not enough Zuckerbucks? Did someone have to fly to the Caimans? Or is the SWAMP just that stooopid – DD)
(NOQ Report) For a while, it looked like they might actually accomplish their goals and install Karrin Taylor Robson as their Uniparty Swamp nominee. But Kari Lake’s popularity proved too difficult to overcome.
Despite a double-digit polling lead a day before the election, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake was nearly stunned by Karrin Taylor Robson in the Arizona primary.
Lake spent the entire night clawing back from being way behind. The reason: Early voting and mail-in ballots were the first counted and Robson outperformed anyone’s wildest dreams in those arenas. In the end, in-person voting won out, delivering the victory for Lake…Read the rest