Georgetown Historical Society responds to calls to remove confederate flag at Marvel Museum

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(WMTD) GEORGETOWN, Del. – The Georgetown Historical Society has issued a statement in response to weeks of controversy concerning a confederate flag they fly on the grounds of their Marvel Museum.
“As our name confirms, for decades our members and volunteers have been actively engaged in our beloved community to further, present and honor its history, without fear or favor, and remain dedicated to educate in that history with fidelity and truth,” the organization stated in a press release following weeks of unanswered calls from our news department requesting a formal response to calls from residents and elected officials to have the flag removed.
The Delaware Grays’ Sons of Confederate Veterans installed the monument where the confederate flag flies outside the museum back in 2007…
“Consistent with our mission, on or about 2005 we issued a mutual invitation to both representatives of Delaware Union and Confederate veterans to erect a monument honoring each of those Delawareans who demonstrated valor in battle toward the ultimate sacrifice that shaped our history in the late War Between The States prosecuted between 1861-1865,” officials wrote in their press release…Read the rest