When Empires Crumble and Lash Out, It starts from within

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We’re Doing a Great Job of Tearing America Down

(Rob Carson, NewsMax) I watched the film "Moscow on the Hudson," last night for the first time in years.
It astounded me how much America has moved towards the former USSR.
Agents of the KGB monitoring behavior and speech have been replaced by big social media. The Democratic Party and the Biden administration literally attempted to create a "Department of Disinformation" which is a descriptor originally coined by Joseph Stalin in 1923.
His department was created to counter anything that would challenge the communist party’s narrative. People wait for staples like baby formula. New cars are increasingly rare.
Major governmental departments, such as the FBI and IRS, have been weaponized against Americans. The American people have been told they cannot discuss or share opinions that go against the Democratic Party’s orthodoxy on COVID-19, the 2020 election, Russia collusion, Hunter Biden’s laptop and business dealings with China and Ukraine, Hillary’s email server and connections to Russia, the Jan. 6th protests, Antifa, and BLM’s summer of 2020, radical transgender ideology, and — the border crisis.
Thus, instead of Pravda and Izvestia, we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the mainstream media walking in lockstep with the Democratic Party voluntarily despite the freedoms offered in our nation’s Bill of Rights.
Instead of the Gestapo, and the Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, or KGB, we have the IRS and the FBI. Corrupt politicians live high on the hog while, we the rabble, suffer…Read the rest