4 in 5 Americans See Two-Tiered Justice System

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(Federalist)Nearly 80 percent of American voters see a two-tiered justice system, according to a new poll out a week before the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence on Monday.
The Nationwide Issues Survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group with Convention of States Action between July 24-28 found 79 percent of likely U.S. voters interviewed believe “there are two tiers of justice: one set of laws for politicians and Washington D.C. insiders vs one set of laws for everyday Americans.” Less than 12 percent reported the justice system serves all Americans equally and 9 percent were unsure. The Trafalgar Group interviewed 1,080 voters with a 2.9 percent margin of error.
The survey also found nearly 60 percent of Americans believe the federal bureaucracy is overgrown. More than 58 percent of voters agreed with the statement that key agencies of the federal government such as the EPA, CDC, and IRS “have grown too large and only serve their own political interests.” Just about 1 in 3 Americans said the agencies were “useful and effective” to implement laws passed by Congress. Less than 9 percent were unsure. The survey revealing nationwide distaste…Read the rest