Are We Witnessing the Collapse of America’s System of Government?

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(NOQ Report) The corruption is right out in the open now. The whole world was stunned by the vicious raid on Mar-a-Lago, and it is quite obvious why it was ordered. Even though close to half of the country wants Donald Trump to run for president again, the Washington establishment is going to do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. If the Washington establishment is successful, will our system of government be able to survive? I think that is a legitimate question at this point. In order for any system of government to function, a certain percentage of the population must have faith in it. Even before the raid on Mar-a-Lago, poll after poll showed that confidence in our system of government was hovering near all-time lows. If the elite get what they want and Trump is banned from ever running for president from this point forward, it is going to fundamentally shake this nation to the core.
For the first time in U.S. history, the home of a former president has been raided.
Meanwhile, the FBI has evidence of major crime after major crime on Hunter Biden’s laptop and has done nothing.
At this point, I think that the Biden crime family could literally sacrifice children to pagan deities on the White House lawn and get away with it…Read the Rest