Inconvenient Truth: “The GOP Is Nowhere Near as Committed to Saving America as Democrats Are to Killing Her”

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(NOQ Report) There’s a false notion going around that if there’s a “red wave” and Republicans take back control of the House and/or Senate, things can be made right. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no indication that the Republican Party has any real fight left in it. In DC as well as in Republican-controlled state legislatures across the country, there’s a whole lot of bellyaching but very little action. Meanwhile, Democrats seem willing to sacrifice their careers for their cause.
As pundit John Cardillo noted on Twitter, the stakes are high and the GOP seems unwilling as a whole to fight the good fight.

The sad truth is that the @GOP is nowhere near as committed to saving America as @TheDemocrats are to killing her.

— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) August 15, 2022

It’s true. The vast majority of Republican lawmakers in DC, especially those who are running for reelection, have taken the safest possible road. They are acting as if this nation is in good enough shape that if we wait for the midterms, everything can be made whole. This is far from the case. One can even argue that they haven’t put up much of a fight against, well, anything because they hope the Democrats get their legislative wishes. That way, Americans can see just how bad their policies really are.
It’s a decent election strategy in normal times, but the current state of the nation is nowhere near normal….Read the rest