Gutless Florence County Council rescinds vote to put Confederate statue on public property

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(This is what happens when the chamber of commerce crowd suddenly gets worried about "bad" publicity. You can’t even have statues at museums in Woke Clown World. – DD)

(WBTW) The Florence County Council on Thursday unanimously rescinded its vote to put a Confederate statue on public property. (It wasn’t a Confederate Statue. – DD)
Council received outrage from the public and the Florence Branch of the NAACP after its decision last month to put a statue of William W. Harllee and his daughter, Florence in the courtyard of the Florence County Museum.
Harllee was president of the Wilmington & Manchester Railroad and served as South Carolina’s lieutenant governor when it became the first state to leave the union. He signed of the Ordinance of Secession and the city and county are named for his daughter.
“I am delighted today that the Harllee Memorial Sculpture Committee has rescinded their decision to place this statue at the Florence County Museum,” Jerry Keith, president of the NAACP’s Florence Branch said of the update…Read the rest