Here Come the Left’s ‘Civil War’ Hysterians

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The Democrats would love nothing more than a show of violence from the Right.

(Doug Andrews, Patriot Post) It’s all they have.
Back in January, on the much-ballyhooed anniversary of the Capitol riot, we noted that J6 was all the Democrats have. We noted that somewhere down deep inside themselves, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Liz Cheney knew they wouldn’t be able to run on their record and that they’d have to instead keep that sad event and its attendant violence alive if they had any hope of avoiding the midterm freight train off there in the distance. Yep, J6 was all they had.
And it’s still all they have. More than 14,000 hours have passed since those four regrettable hours some 19 months ago, and yet that’s all these people want to talk about.
Has there ever been a more backward-looking bunch as today’s Democrat Party?
Yes, just as surely as events have branded the Party of Joe Biden as the party of open borders, rampant crime, critical race theory, military wokeness, failed foreign policy, bone-crushing inflation, and a moribund economy, it’s trying to brand the Republicans as the party of January 6, as the party of violence. Indeed, as our Mark Alexander wrote in the wake of Scranton Joey Robinette Unitus Biden’s inauguration, these desperate Democrats are just “baiting and begging for more violence.”…
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