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“Your Civilization is Falling Apart”: Here’s How Unlivable Blue Cities Have Gotten

(Trending Politics) How bad have things gotten in Democrat-controlled cities like New Orleans, New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, and Chicago? So bad that when you think of those cities, it’s not the good things about them, from culture to industry, beautiful shopping districts to stunning city parks, that come to mind.
Rather, what almost every American thinks of when such blue cities as those are brought up is of the bloodshed, crime, and heartbreak within them, the streams of blood flowing down their streets thanks to crime that would rival the French Revolution in terms of both volume of blood shed and the pointlessness of it all.
While many might avert their eyes and avoid criticizing such places and the little being done to combat crime within them out of fear of being called “racist,” or something, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson went full steam ahead in criticizing the bloodshed of inner-cities and the violence present in Democrat-controlled areas. In fact, Tucker even went so far as to say that the horror of those cities shows that our “civilization is falling apart.”…Read the rest