A Dain-Bramaged spiel of leftist and government-supremacist tropes

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(Dixie Drudge Exclusive) Spewing a Dain-Bramaged spiel of leftist and government-supremacist tropes, the location of Independence Hall was ironic since joe biden is obviously more cracked than the Liberty Bell.
Last night’s "Unity" speech was nothing more insane ramblings of an old, bitter and frustrated government-supremacist longing for the glory days of the November 2020 coup. He is desperately clinging to power that he knows he willlose unless Dems can steal the mid-term elections also. And there is every chance they might. The machinery is already in place from 2020.
No president or self-styled emporer in American history has been less popular than biden. Once again he has proven why. Demonization of half the country is not the hallmark of a leader. It is the tool of a dictator. Even the creepy red backlight was an attempt to make a dottering old fool appear as if he were the god of war.
"MAGA, MAGA, MAGA, Semi-Fascist…" he spewed with vitriol and flecks of saliva. It’s "the continued battle for the Soul of the Nation."
According to joe, half of American’s are trying to drag the country backward… Backward to what? Peace, freedom, strength, low inflation, stability, a solid economy, low crime rates?
Did you know that you were destroying democracy by voting? Who’da thunk it?
Semi-fascism, my Arse! joe and his cohorts are the ones implementing government control of the economy, industry, and energy. They are eliminating free speech through their collusion with Big-Tech and their RINO allies.
Arrivederci, you wannabe El Duce’s!
Pardon me , but I think I’ll continue clinging to my Bible and my "F-15."

Dixie Drudge