More pressure against Edmonton NC Monument

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Edenton reckons with Confederate monument

(Chowan Herald) Public pressure to address the relocation of Edenton’s Confederate monument intensified this summer, all while town and county leaders continued to mull through logistics and possible legal ramifications of such a move.
August marked one year since the initial recommendation from the mayor-appointed Human Relations Commission to relocate the monument.
All the while, the monument still rises from the terminus of Broad Street, looming over a town that seemingly prides itself on both heritage tourism and being a place of diversity.
In a way, the town has become a microcosm of a national debate in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder at the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. Grappling with the Confederate monument’s current interpretation has been one of Edenton’s more contemporary and chief dilemmas.
Since the decision from the Edenton Town Council in May to cede ownership of the monument to Chowan County, progress has been slow…Read the rest