Biden to use the military against states that ban abortion on demand.

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The VA’s Abortion Mills
Biden seeks to use the military as leverage against states that ban abortion on demand.

(Thomas Gallatin, Patriot Post) The Party of Death is living up to its moniker as Democrats see abortion access as the civil rights issue of the day. In this light, Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough recently announced that Joe Biden’s VA would be providing abortion services for veterans, even in states that have banned or severely restricted abortion. Using the euphemism of “reproductive care,” McDonough contended that “pregnant veterans and VA beneficiaries deserve to have access” to abortion procedures. “That’s what our nation owes them, and that’s what we at the VA will deliver.”
It’s yet another example of Biden shifting or completely reversing a previous policy position. For the first time in its history, the VA will provide abortion services, which is clearly a backtrack on Biden’s past support for the Hyde Amendment. Recall that the Hyde Amendment precludes the U.S. government from using taxpayer funds for abortion. (Of course, money is fungible, as illustrated by the half-billion dollars sent to Planned Parenthood each year.) Up until he ran for election in 2020, Biden was fully on board with Hyde.
But when it became politically expedient, Biden dumped his support of Hyde like it was yesterday’s garbage and is seeking to use abortion to fuel Democrat midterm election chances. That explains this new VA policy,…Read the rest