The ‘Fact Checker’ Scam

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(The Tom Woods Letter) One of the most laughable developments of recent years has been the rise of the “fact-checker.”
The fact-checker, in the fantasy version, is a nonpartisan, dispassionate expert who wants to prevent people from being misled.
In the planet-Earth version, the fact checker is a hyperpartisan fanatic who wants to prevent people from entertaining thoughts at odds with the narrative the regime is trying to present.
My worst run-in with a fact-checker happened — when else? — in 2020. I had given a 20-minute talk called “The COVID Cult” at a Ron Paul event outside Houston.
In those 20 minutes I packed in as much common sense about the situation as I could, along with a bunch of charts that looked the opposite of how they should have if the alleged “mitigation measures” did any good.
The video took off — by the time Big Tech banned it, it had had 1.5 million views.
When they banned it, they rubbed salt in the wound with one of their absurd “fact checks.”
I devoted episode #1782 of the Tom Woods Show to refuting it….Read the rest