NAACP threatens suit over memorial. Ho-Hum. What else is new?

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NAACP threatens legal action if Virginia county gives statue to pro-Confederacy groups

(Virginia Pilot) Edith Turner was born and raised in Mathews County, and for as long as she can remember, a statue honoring Confederate soldiers has sat in the middle of town.
It was never a welcome sight for Turner, president of the Mathews County NAACP. But she didn’t give the monument much thought — until pro-Confederacy groups started decorating the area with flags and sporadically sending armed guards to protect it following nationwide racial unrest in 2020.
“It was very concerning,” she said, adding she feared the situation might turn violent.
Turner said her NAACP branch is urging the Mathews County Board of Supervisors to remove the statue. In turn, pro-Confederacy groups have asked the county to instead give the monument and immediate surrounding land to them. But the Mathews County NAACP is warning the board it might take legal action if the statue is handed off. Citizens, meanwhile, can weigh in during a public hearing slated for Wednesday…
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